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M210-1 Water Flow Switch Has Been Replaced by the NEW M310

The M210 water flow switch assembly has been replaced by the new and improved M310. This switch  is perfect for the control of water treatment equipment that needs to be energized whenever water is flowing. This model can be easily glued into your water line and has a 1" PVC socket connection on the inlet and outlet of the switch. Simply plug in your pump or device into the supplied socket and your equipment will turn on and off with the water flow. The switch activates when 1 GPM of water flow is detected. Use the supplied 10' power cord to plug into a 110 VAC outlet nearby.

  • NEW: No meatal parts in the water path.
  • New: Higher pressure rating, 100 PSI
  • Low Flow Operation
  • Model M310, 10 AMP, Set Point on 1.0 GPM and up
  • Up to 1 HP, 125 VAC & 2 HP, 250 VAC
  • 1/2" Electrical Conduit Connection
  • Standard 1" PVC Slip Fittings
  • Temperature to 110F Continuous
  • Wetted Surfaces - PVC, Polypropylene Buna N,

M310 Flow Switch Only

M310-1 Flow Switch, Duplex Receptacle, Power Cord

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M210-1 Water Flow Switch

M310 Switch Only

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