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Chemical Metering Pumps

Chemilizer Pumps

Newest pump on the market. Perfect for for use as a Chlorinator.

And it runs completely on WATER!

No Power Required!!!!


Treatment of Drinking Water
Does your well-water test positive for total coli form or E.coli? Does it smell like rotten eggs? Does it leave orange-brown or blackish stains? Is your well affected by surface water, or contaminated by septic systems? Then you probably need a pump. The NEW CP33 Can feed just about any chemical and do it without any power. This pump is very easy to install and won't cost you an arm and a leg to own one.

Learn More About The Chemilizer CP33 Chemical Injector Here

Pulsatron Chemical Pump

Pulsatron by Pulsafeeder is one of our most versatile chemical metering pumps, for a complete line up of the Pulsatron series check out the complete listing by clicking on the pump picture.                                                                                     

pulsafeeder pump

Chem-Tech Pump by PulsafeederAll Chemcial Metering Pumps on Sale! Every Make and Model Is In-Stock and Ready To Ship Within a few days.

chem-tech ctp

The Series CTP Chemical Metering Pump offers a bold new look in reliability and value and is available in three control options offering feed rates up to 60gpd (9.5 LPH) with pressures to 125 PSI (8.6 bar)

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chemtech prime performance

The Prime Performance chemical metering pump combines Pulsafeeder's proven degassing technology with the durability and dependability that has earned CHEM-TECH chemical metering pumps the respect of water treatment professionals around the world.    

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Best Choice for  Chlorinators (Chlorine Feeder)

chem-tech series 100/150

The Series 100 & 150 positive displacement, chlorinators, diaphragm metering pumps are respected by professionals around the world for dependability, easy maintenance and versatility in a wide range of water treatment applications.

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Chem-Tech Series 200 Pump

The Series 200 & 250 Chlorinators are mechanically activated, heavy duty diaphragm feed pumps that provide excellent efficiency under strenuous conditions.

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Mec-O-Matic Button

The 2400T Series offers versatile, dependable, low maintenance, programmable peristaltic metering pump technology at a low cost. Installation and start-up are quick and simple.

The T-2000 Series features a powerful new misting system that delivers consistent doses of deodorizers and other solutions. Programmable 24-hour timer provides versatile operation and settings.

The VSP Series of variable speed peristaltic metering pumps are designed to dispense low volumes of chemicals at exacting amounts. Low maintenance chlorinators... no tube adjustment required.


The Dolphin Series Chlorinator chemical solution and slurry metering pumps are designed, engineered and built to last. Featuring our exclusive quick-release, twist-off, clear polycarbonate, acid resistant head.

The Stringray Series of positive displacement chlorinators (chemical solution feeders) chemical solution feeders are designed to be versatile, dependable, and reliable for Water Treatment Professionals.


Jesco Motor Driven High Performance Pumps


LMI Pumps are some of the most reliable chemical metering pumps on the market we have the complete line of LMI Pumps and accessories. The new Roytronic series of metering pumps offers high speed and reliable operation. To find out more just click the picture of the LMI Chemical Metring Pump


UniDose Pumps

Versatile & Flexible
Available with single or dual output control for easy, accurate  adjustment over the operating range. Turndown ratio up to 500:1 provides unmatched  flexibility. Maximum output from 6 to 30 gallons per day at 80 psi.

  • Chlorinator
  • Well System Chemical Feeder
  • Fertilizer Injector
  • Bleach Pump
  • Rust Control
  • Chemical Feed System
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Peristaltic Chemical Feeders

Stenner offers a complete line of highly reliable peristaltic chlorinators and chemical feeders with output ranges from .2 gallons per day (0.6 liters) to 170 gallons per day (514.8 liters) depending on model and application.


NEW: How to change your Stenner Pump Tube Video......


We stock Stenner Pump Parts for all models!

4NA25 wmnew
Beta Technology Inc.

Beta Technology, has many chemical  dosing pumps and controllers to meet several  unique chemical injection applications:

  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Pool/Spa
  • Wells
  • Cooling Tower
  • Boiler
  • Biocide Feed
  • Aquarium Feeders
  • Ponds
Beta Technology Chemical Dispenser
Beta Technology DR-2000

Peristaltic Chlorinator System (Chemical Feed System) Chemical Feed System with Built in Timer Module

Up to 24 events can be programmed on a digital 7-day clock

Battery Power, 110VAC, or 230VAC models available

Perfect for stand alone chlorinator system (chemical feed system) applications when economy  and function are priority.

DR-2000 Chemical Pump Systems are Water Resistant.


Walchem EZB Series Pump

Sale EZB Pumps


Walchem offers high quality electronically controlled chemical metering pumps to meet all budgets.

  • Self-primes and more importantly, holds prime
  • Features a high compression head with an auto air vent valve ensuring that bleach-off gassing does not affect pump performance
  • We guarantee performance by offering a 2 year warranty that includes the liquid end and diaphragm!!
Walchem EH Series Pump
neptune chemical pump company
PZ-Series Chemical Injection Pump
Advantage Controls Chemical Metering Pumps

Advantage Controls Microtron Chemical Metering Pumps

Brand New Designs! Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Dual Output Adjustment

NEMA 4X Style Enclosure

LCD Backlit Display

LED Indicating Lights

Optional Control Functions

Guided Double Ball Checks

Circuit Voltage Protection

Thermal Overload Protection

Priming Valve Standard

Splash Cover Over Controls

Simple Step-Through Menu

2 Year Replacement Warranty

Advantage Controls A Series Pump

A Series

Advantage Controls B Series Pump

B Series

Advantage Controls C Series Pump

C Series

Blue White Industries Chemical Pumps

Blue White Pumps are reliable, economical and very flexible. We have the complete line of Blue-White Pumps and accessories. We can help you match a pump to suite your application. Just click on the Pumps to find out more.

Peristaltic Chlorinators (Chemical Feeders)


Flexflo Metering Pumps
Chem-Pro Pump
Chem-Feed Pump
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