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Chem-Tech Series CTP



  • Simplified Operation
  • Reliable Performance
  • Low Maintenance


The Series CTP offers a bold new look in reliability and value and is available in three control options offering feed rates up to 60 GPD (9.5 LPH) with pressures to 125 PSI (8.6 bar).

The Series CTP-A includes a percentage dial for reliable operation and adjustable feed rates in 5-second increments.

The Series CTP-AE is a 100% fixed rate economy model with an off-off dial for applications requiring constant feed and easy use. Both Series CTP-A and Series CTP-AE models are available with optional 7-day timers for biocide feed or other timed applications.

For applications requiring precise feed rates, the Series CTP-D offers digital control from 10% to 100% up to 60 GPD (9.5 LPH). Adjustable in 1% increments, the Series CTP-D provides maximum control for demanding applications.

Simplex and duplex head configurations are both available.

  • Simplified Operation. Push-button prime switch and on-off dial provide quick, safe start-up and convenience. The simplified control pad allows easy incremental adjustment and feed rate control.
  • Reliable Operating Performance. Self-priming, automatic de-gassing design assures that the metering pump won't airlock and will deliver constant feed. High strength Norprene® peristaltic tubing is rated for consistent feed over periods of extended use.
  • Low Maintenance/ No tube adjustment required. Roller assembly is self-lubricating. Rugged. Chemical-resistant ABS housing and heavy-duty gearmotor are engineered for years of maintenance-free service in demanding applications.


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