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Water Treatment Equipment And Specialty Chemical Dealer

Cannon Water Technology Inc. is your first stop for industrial and processed water treatment equipment, chemicals, services, chemicals and training. We have over 30 combined years of experience in the industrial HVAC water treatment community and can get your needs met at lower cost with faster results. Contact us today and allow Cannon Water Technology Inc. to start working for you.

Industrial Wireless Controls and Wireless Level Systems are our specialty


Online Sensor Monitoring Made Easy.... SensaTrack monitoring services take the guess work out of monitoring your assets.

  • Scan all of your locations at once
  • Be notified instantly of alerts and alarms
  • Improve customer service
  • Route deliveries efficiently
  • Track trends and find problems early
  • Give your vendors custom access their tanks and bins
  • Lower costs and increase profitability

SensaTrack uses wireless gateways to connect virtually any sensor type. Custom engineering units display your data in an easy to understand format and custom graphic overlays maintain visual continuity between the sensors in the field and the SensaTrack monitoring software.

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Remote Control Technology Images

Wireless Control Applications:


Check out our new Aquatel D110 Multiple Tank Monitoring System

The Aquatel D110 can monitor up 6 tanks from a single display unit with a range of up to 3 miles. The tank units are battery powered and use ultrasonic technology to detect fluid levels in storage tanks, cisterns, chemical drums, water troughs, drainage ditches or ponds and lakes. This simple to use system does not require any programming experience. Just follow the on screen prompts and configure your sensors. Setup takes just minutes.

For more information on our battery powered wireless level sensors please follow this link.

Myron L

Ultrameter III 9P - AHL Titration Kit

Check out the new Ultrameter III 9PTK. This meter kit adds the ability to perform in-cell conductometric titrations that provides a convenient way to determine alkalinity, hardness and LSI in the field. This eliminates the need to collect and transport samples to another location for analysis. User intuitive display prompts guide you through titration procedures from start to finish All required reagents and equipment are included in the 9P titration kit. The Ultrameter 9P is so accurate and easy to use it's like having a laboratory in your hand. Chosen by professionals as the "Gold Standard" for the most accurate water testing available in a handheld meter today.

UM9P New
  • ORP ppm Free Chlorine Calculation
  • Wireless Data Trasnfer Capable
  • LSI Titration
  • Conductivity
  • TDS
  • pH
  • Alkalinity Titration
  • Hardness Titration
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Waterproof and Floats.

PT1 from Myron L

Ultapen PT1
  • EC
  • TDS
  • Salinity
  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Shock Resitant
  • Waterproof
  • Lab Quality
  • Accurate

The PT1 is not your ordinary pen meter. This little gem packs a punch. State of the art electronics and proprietary temperature compensation make the PT1 a leader in compact portable test equipment. Put one in your shirt pocket today. 

Tank and Chemical Drum Alarm and Monitoring Equipment

NEW: Drum Level Alarms with Suction Line Pickup Tube.

The new Chemical Tank Mointor and Drum Alarm alerts you when tank level is low or in danger of overflowing due to bak flowing of water into the drum. A flashing RED LED and Loud Audible Alarm will alert you when tank level is low. The Drum Level Indicator is available for any size container. The built in suction line makes pump connection easy and will drain the container completely. A visual flow indicator comes standard on the low level drum alarm. 

Low Level Drum Alarm Ultra High Res
Low Level Drum Alarm Small Tank

The Lakewood Instruments Model 140


The Model 140 controller uses the latest in microprocessor capability, giving the user a high level of application flexibility when dealing with water cooling tower treatment. This controller will feed chemicals based on water meter input or percent of operating time, has a single micro biocide timer and comes with a flow switch and manifold assembly mounted on a PVC back panel for easy installation.

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